After years of propagating plant material for their own large restoration and mitigation projects, the team behind Tidelands decided to launch a nursery dedicated to producing the highest quality restoration-grade plant and tree species at commercial scale.

With ecosystem restoration being proposed and funded at an unprecedented rate in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, demand for wetland and marsh species has increased exponentially and Tidelands Nursery is focused on supporting these efforts by growing and delivering plants sourced from genetically local stock, giving our product the very best chance of thriving once they leave our greenhouses for dynamic natural systems.

We specialize in plant species necessary for wetland, marsh and stream restoration across the Gulf South and with greenhouses in Loxley, Alabama and Gulfport, Mississippi, Tidelands has the capacity to meet quantity needs ranging from a handful of plants for small Living Shoreline projects to the millions necessary for large-scale marsh restoration.